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We are a commercial real estate development where business, arts, and sciences come together in a dynamic 300,000 square foot mixed-use mill building campus. The NSC is conveniently located at 83 Morse Street, Norwood at the crossroads of Boston, MA, and Providence, RI.

We strive for the community. Our tenants brainstorm, collaborate, and socialize together to create a community of “like-minded” people helping each other grow.

Here is a list of creative studio, co-work, shared, and office spaces that are presently available for lease. If you are looking for strictly co-work space, follow Cowork NSC.

Click on the buildings to view the floor plan.

Interactive Map

Building 10

Building 10 consists of a sectioned, open ceiling, warehouse space. Each unit can be built for your storage needs. Spaces are as small as 500 sf and as large as 3000 sf. The benefits of this space include 24-7 access with a fob system. Each unit can be locked. Electric lift available.

Presently, MorvaStone utilizes a majority of the space. 

This combination of warehouse space, coupled with co-work and office space allows many of our members to work in one area of the complex and still have direct access to their products and supplies.

No units available at this time.

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