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Building 5 is a unique building, located across the parking lot from the main complex, that is home to CrossFit Prosperity and The Magic Room

Craig Robertson and his team at CrossFit Prosperity offer 

  • Crossfit : everyday moves with various weights for health strength and fitness, Prosperity
  • Barbell : an Olympic lifting program that concentrates on the snatch and the clean and jerk, 
  • Perspire: a 60 minute high intensity, full body workout
  • Personal Training: a private training that is all about you  
  • Personalized Nutrition Coaching. 

The Magic Room is one of our newest businesses to open in 2021. Originally based in Boston, Bill “Des” Desmond moved the space to Norwood to work with the team at the David Bieber Archive. It is a brand new music, art, theater, and performance space. An intimate setting, with limited seating. Come down and experience nonstop entertainment. It is an eclectic experience that will entertain and impress you!

The remaining 10,000 sf is used as flex space.

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