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About Norwood Space Center

What if there was a community in the suburbs that could provide an entertainment experience like Boston or Providence, a creative workspace that advocated for small businesses and non-profits, as well as a unique artisan shopping experience?


The Norwood Space Center (NSC) is a community of local businesses, entrepreneurs, innovators, and artists. With shared common and conference room space, businesses who reside at the NSC have the ability to brainstorm, work in unconventional settings and socialize with individuals from many different industries. For those who work independently or in small office environments, it gives them the opportunity to step outside their space and be immersed in a group of “like-minded” people. We help create the work environment they need and give them the ability to grow their business.


Presently, we have a mix of retail, commercial, creative, and entertainment space. The spaces range from small artist studios to large commercial suites and everything in between. Our core workspace is occupied by Cowork NSC, a remote work solution providing open and shared co-work space along with private office options.

For more information on our tenants, please see our business directory.

If you are interested in any of our monthly events, please see our events page.

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