Boston Globe Coverage of the Norwood Space Center

Recently, the Norwood Space Center was featured in the Boston Globe Magazine : Come on down to Norwood for…art and craft beer?

“An old paper mill once owned by Bird Corporation has been reimagined as a magnet for artists and creative entrepreneurs.”

We had the opportunity to meet writer, James Sullivan, who toured the facility and spoke with many of the business owners and creatives who have taken up space at this collaborative community. The following week we welcomed photographer, Aram Boghosian, who arrived during our first art exhibition in the Building 4 Long Haul Gallery. Both James and Aram captured that moment in time that we get to experience on a regular basis.

James writes, “The campus comprises 12 buildings, totaling 300,000 square feet, or more than six football fields. For as long as Norwoodites can remember, it was headquarters for the Bird Corporation, a historic family business that was founded as a paper mill and more recently manufactured shingles and vinyl siding. Bird went out of business just after marking its 200th anniversary, in the late 1990s.”

Some of the members highlighted in the article were David Bieber of the David Bieber Archives, Chuck White of, Felipe Oliveira of Percival Brewing, Tracy Parkinson of Nest & Company, Duncan Reid of Duncan Reid Art and our cover photo of David Tree of Sweet Tree Ink.

“Each workspace is different. There are 300-square-foot studios with plywood walls and open-air ceilings, walk-in storefronts with garage doors that open onto a central parking lot, and a former factory stockroom. The smallest spaces rent for as little as $500 a month, offering a more affordable alternative to Boston real estate prices.”

To read the article in its entirety, Boston Globe – Come on down to Norwood for…art and craft beer?

Thank you to James Sullivan, Aram Boghosian and The Boston Globe for allowing us to share our story.

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