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Artist: Tina Stakh

A natural-born artist from Belarus, currently living in Great Boston Area, Massachusetts. Having a bachelor’s degree in Philology, she combines her love for literature and art and names each of her artworks by the title of a book: ‘The Stranger’, ‘Quo Vadis?’, ‘The Autumn of the Patriarch’, ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’, and others.

Even her pseudonym was inspired by the novel ‘King Stakh’s Wild Hunt’ by a famous Belarusian writer. I play with a spectator and offer three levels of perception of my paintings. The first level is to understand what you feel when looking at the painting. The second is to read the title of the work and look at the picture once again with different emotions. And the third level is for spectators who know the content of the book: it allows them to fully discover the depth of the artwork», – Tina explains.

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